What is a puppy mill?
The term “puppy mill” is a derogatory term referring to large breeding facilities that produce purebred puppies in large numbers. These mass dog-breeding operations are notorious for having problems including: over breeding, inbreeding, minimal veterinary care, poor quality of food and shelter, lack of human socialization, overcrowded cages and the killing of unwanted animals.

Some people think if you own 17 dogs (as we do) then this is a Puppy Mill. I can assure you we are not a Puppy Mill. We are breeders of beautiful Labrador Retrievers and we take excellent care of our dogs:

  • Our dogs are vaccinated regularly
  • They have their heartguard once a month
  • They are exercised and trained for competition
  • We built ponds for them to swim in (even before we built our home)
  • Their diet is monitored if they slip weight – they are given more to gain
  • They are given vitamins and cookies

We do not discard the old or disabled dogs. We have two – 12 year old dogs. One had testicular cancer - we had him neutered.  We chose for him to live out his life fat and happy at our facility and as part of our family. We have a female that is dysplastic (a breeder’s nightmare) – we had her spayed and she loves to take rides with us in the four wheeler.

Before we breed our females, we make sure all of our females are sound and in good condition. Our vacation days are planned around our females having puppies. If their temperature drops, I stay at home with them so I am with them when they whelp. I do not like them to be alone just in case there are complications. I check the female’s mammies (breasts) twice a day checking for Mastitis and get them on antibiotics immediately, if necessary. We have a hospital in our basement for whelping until we get the hospital built (yes, we are building a hospital for whelping). After the puppies are weaned, they are put on a bed of pine shavings, not cement, and they are played with all of the time.

If we do leave town – we hire a very competent person to stay in our home and take care of our dogs and animals. When one of our dogs become ill, I have been known to camp out on our vets doorstep – when he opens (without an appointment); or to call him on a weekend for any/all needed help.

We love each and every one of our dogs as if they were our children, and they definitely are.

We Love our Dogs – they are part of our family.


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